Dear vistors! The   hotel   -   resort   “Alte   Viehweide”   in   Helferskirchen   is   located   in   the   heart   of   the   Westerwald.   Quiet and   far   away   from   the   hustle   and   bustle   of   the   big   city´s   offering   everything   what   you   could   expect   for a relaxing holiday. Our   bungalows   2-3   bedrooms   (twin   bed),   a   spacious   living   room   with   kitchen,   colour   television,   bath   / shower and toilet and a small terrace with seating and a carport. 1 set of bed linen and large and small towels are included in the price. Located in the main building (hotel) is a cosy pub with two German style bowling alleys, a beer garden with the possibility to barbecue. In our family-run restaurant with varied choices you can enjoy our friendly service. Furthermore we offer a wellness area with sauna, massage table, solarium, jacuzzi and a compact fitness machine. The hotel complex is situated in the lower Westerwald near the town of Montabaur and the Westerwald lake plateau. The natural and peaceful location with forest an land offers good possibilities for walking and hiking. On request we will can arrange covered wagon rides, visits to pottery, tennis courts an horse riding facilities. We can also provide you with brochures for recreational activities and excusions in our area. Prices:                                       Day                 week high season          week pre season                   Bungalow 3-4 persons             70,00 €           350,00 €              285,00 €                            Bungalow for 6 persons           82,50 €           425,00 €                      375,00 €                            plus all related sums Rental per day will calculated as arrival and departure - 2 days! Additional costs: - Electricity according to consumption (0,30 € / Kw) - Water: 10,00 € per midweek oder weekend                  17,50 € per week - Animals:    15,00 € per stay The main season is from June to September, in addition the week before, in, after Easter, Whitsun and Christmas
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General condition and instructions After   confirmation   of   registration   a   deposit   of   10%   of   the   rental   fee   is   required.   The   final   cost   is   done   prior   to   departure. If   the   reservation   is   cancelled   by   the   tenant,   a   refund   of   the   deposit   will   be   paid   only   if   the   hotel   holday   center   can   rerent the   bungalow. An   exeption   to   this   is   possible   only   if   credible   revidence,   that   the   tenent   as   a   result   of   illness,   accident   or death   is   prevented   from   completing   the   booking.   The   administrative   and   operating   costs   are   €   50,00   and   will   be deducted   from   the   deposit. The   cancellation   of   the   lease   by   the   tenant   must   be   in   writing. The   bungalow   will   be   available to   the   tenant   on   the   day   of   arrival   from   4   p.m.,   on   the   last   day   of   the   rental   agreement   the   bungalow   must   be   cleared   by 10   a.m.   Damage   caused   by   the   tenant   to   bungalow   and   inventory   collected   at   the   expense   of   the   lessee.   The   bungalow must   only   occupied   by   the   number   of   people   on   the   rental   agreement.   The   bungalow   can   be   reched   by   car   only   on   the arrival   and   departure   day   for   unloading   or   loading   (Exception:   the   bungalow   is   equipped   with   a   carport).   Driving   on   the grass   is   not   permitted   here.   The   car   should   be   parked   carpark.   Pets   are   allowed   only   with   the   consent   of   the   lessor.   In the   interest   of   all   tenants,   excessive   noise   is   not   allowed,   especially   when   using   music   devices   outside. The   tenant   must take the garbage to the designated places at the hotel or the carpark (Please sort)!
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